Welcome to my home!

First and foremost, I want to welcome you to my “home”. I will be 100% myself, 100% food, 100% honest. Over the years, I have taught myself to cook and bake with a little help from my mother, Laura, and both of my grandmothers, Doris and Violet. My style is much different from theirs but it stems down to all of our family recipes.  Sure, I have many of my own but the recipes that are near and dear to me were handed down through the twenty-eight years I have been on this planet. So, with a heart full of love, this is for those three wonderful women in my life.

People that I have met within recent years, have noticed all of the pictures I post on social media. They usually say, “Why aren’t you a chef?”, “Why not write your own cookbook?”, or my personal favorite, “You should be on the Food Network”. My answer is, “I’m not a professional chef, but I am the chef of my home.”, “If the Food Network wants me, I’m easy to find.”, and my favorite, “My cookbook…. it’s coming!” Any recipes on my blog will be in my cookbook. I’m an open book and I’m willing to share what I know and love, and that’s food! It my dream and I am determined to live it! Enjoy!




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  1. Jim Z says:

    Mrs. Zwawa.

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    1. Miranda says:

      Please share this! 🙂


  2. Gregory wells says:

    Everything is always perfect! Outstanding cook!

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  3. Jeanne Dallas says:

    Nice job Miranda!!

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  4. The cookies look amazing! Too pretty to be eaten 😍

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